Faculty Of Computer Science

The Faculty of Computer has mission to become the main choice in informatics research with an excellent entrepreneurial skill. It equips with complete infrastructures, qualified lecturers, and proper education programs. This faculty becomes the realization of community service from Dian Nuswantoro University in order to prepare students become the professional in Computer Science or Informatics field to increase Indonesian human resources quality.

Globalization has affected many aspects of life; one of them is the economic development, including the relationship between the technology sector and Computer Science, as well as information technology, which requires effective and efficient technology.

Alumni of this faculty are professional who are able to use their knowledge and their skills as basic competencies to develop technology in Indonesia. This commitment has purpose to increase the quality of human resources to face any problem in this globalization era.

At this time, the Faculty of Computer Science became the largest faculty in the University Dian Nuswantoro that is running some programs such as twinning programs, sit-in programs, credit transfer, vocational programs and fast track.


Executive Officers



  • IT and multimedia room
  • Complete Laboratory
    • Computer lab
    • Network application lab
    • Application programming lab
    • System and Design lab
    • Multimedia lab
    • Internet lab
  • Digital library
  • Photo studio
  • Drawing & animation studio
  • Gallery
  • Free Hotspot

Excellent Program

  • Twinning program with ITB
  • Sit-in program and credit transfer with ITS
  • Vocational Program with VEDC Malang for Informatics Diploma
  • Student Mobility, Fast Track, Credit Transfer and Joint Research with several foreign universities



Become the main choice of informatics faculty with specialty in entrepreneurial


  • Implementation of competency-based education in accordance with science and the dynamic needs of society
  • Institutional cooperation with various institutions for the development and empowerment of faculty
  • Develop a business line that is relevant to involve the academic community to support education, research and community service


  • To produce a great quality graduates in his field and entrepreneurial
  • To create a dynamic of academic atmosphere and make it responsible
  • To create a management of education that have quality oriented.
  • To produce a research that appropriate for the development of Science, Technology and the Arts.
  • To implement the community service programs that targeted as an implementation of Science, Technology and Arts
  • To establish the cooperation / partnership in various fields, both by government and private institutions, at national and international levels
  • To create service system and program-oriented work on stakeholder satisfaction



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